Sam Adams – Boston’s Boy (Review)

Beantown Bombsquad. 

Samuel Adams Wisner a.k.a Wiz a.k.a. Sam Adams is Boston’s Boy. Ever since “I Hate College” (his take on Asher Roth‘s “I Love College“), I’ve been expecting big things from this kid, and Sam provides with a solid debut EP. There is a definite party vibe to this album, as most of the songs (“Swang”, “Tab Open” and “I’m so High” to name a few) are about having a good time, living the college life, and enjoying success. Of the other 5 songs on the EP, two focus on girls (“Driving Me Crazy” (listen below) and “You Girl”) and the other 3 consist of Sam telling us the story of his journey to the top (“Coast to Coast”, “Comin’ Up” and “Just Love Here”). Of all the songs on the album, “Just Love Here” is probably the most well crafted, with its thoughtful, informative rhymes. The whole EP is tied together by the playful, excellent beats that Sam raps over, and they are definitely one of the EPs strengths. Other songs to look for by Sammy: “Brand New” and “You Want This”, Sammy’s take on the classic DJ Drama beat, “Cannon”.

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“Driving Me Crazy”

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