Soulja Boy Central (Videos, News, Discussion)

He’s hated and adored.  He’s loud, repetitive, and poorly dressed. But, regardless of his talent or lack thereof, he’s been up to a lot. Is he worth our attention?

Soulja Boy Tell ’em, whose real name is DeAndre Way, is a 19 year old Atlanta based rapper, with an undeniably impressive portfolio of accomplishments.

I mean, he has his own Cartoon:

Has rappers “hatin'” on him:

Has a slew of  “classics”:

He’s produced tons of Mixtapes—-get them (for free) off  his Myspace page.

He also has his own phone hotline, where fans can call in and listen to messages he’s recorded and, on occasion, he sets up a time to personally answer calls. (Check his facebook page to see updates). Call Him: 678-999-8212

And now,  to top it off, he’s releasing a book.

Set to come out July 28th, it will chronicle his rise to becoming a teenage millionaire—from Crank Dat to now. (And, in case you’re wondering, yes, there will definitely be an official ERA book review.)

But, the question arises, inspite of all his accomplishments, is he worth paying attention to?  His music—is it garbage, or has he “redefined” hip-hop as he’s claimed? Is it a good redefinition? Its undeniably catchy and at times funny, but is it worth listening to—is it worth buying? I don’t know, what do people think?

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