The Store (Boston Spot)

With upcoming No-Saturday Classes, we’re all heading down to Boston. So what do we do? ERA has a suggestion. First in a series of “Hip-Hop Spots.”

Located just steps outside of the Symphony T station on the Green Line, the World Headquaters is a chill spot for collectors and underground hip-hop enthusiasts.

The store is the headquaters for the website so the store serves as a base for all the stuff available online. They have computers in store to surf the catalog, as well kiosks with magazines, rare and hard to find CDs, collectibles, cool T-shirts, and graffiti materials.  The store also has its own stage with a DJ booth, and has in house concerts (there was one today!)

* A thing to note though is that the store primarily works with rare and underground stuff. It’s not for people who are only looking for Weezy T-shirts (though they have them!).

A note on their philosophy, taken from the site:

2) Is this site really underground? All the groups in the audio are popular or in other words mainstream.
We have to disagree with this one. Our definition goes along with the one mentioned, but it also includes songs that do not receive commercial play. If we post a song first, before a majority of people have heard it we consider it UNDERGROUND. However, in about three weeks when every radio station in the country is playing it, others (as well as us), will consider it COMMERCIAL. Once we feel that it is too commercial to keep on our site, we remove it (as we have done with many other songs in the past).

I have stickers from the place. Will be given to new attendees of the next ERA meeting.

Read more about them on Yelp.


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