Free Drake Concert Canceled

What was supposed to a be a free concert in celebration of Drake’s Thank Me Later, turned into utter chaos.

The free concert, hosted by Paper Magazine featured Ninjasonik, Hanson and Drake and was set to coincide with the release of Drake’s debut album, Thank Me Later. Things went sour when a series of fights broke out. Bottles, flower pots, and chairs were throw off balconies, hitting members in the crowd below. Despite having only done sound checks for Hanson and Ninjasonik, the NYPD was forced to shut the event down. I was in attendance and take it from me, I have never seen anything so crazy in my life.

Video of the madness:

For more pictures, check out Brooklyn Vegan.


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1 Response to Free Drake Concert Canceled

  1. decidida74 says:

    Disappointing to see the actions of some individuals at the event.

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