Tor – Illinoize

Musical gold

Don’t know who Sufjan Stevens is? I wouldn’t expect you to know. I mean this is a hip-hop blog isn’t? Sufjan is an indie folk singer and he’s incredible. You may have heard his song, “Chicago” on the radio. If not, you’ve probably heard it sampled in Chiddy Bang’s “All Things Go“.

Now who is Tor you ask? He’s a Vancouver-based producer know for his instrumentals and mixes. I’m a huge fan of Sufjan so when I stumbled across this mixtape I couldn’t contain my excitement. This 7-track tape is just pure musical gold. It features solid lyricism from artists like Brother Ali, Outkast, Pete Rock, and CL Smooth placed over beautiful instrumentals sampling tracks from Sufjan’s 2005 Illinois, A Sun Came, Seven Swans and Songs for Christmas. If you are a fan of Sufjan and like hip-hop, this is definitely for you. If you just like good music in general, this is for you too.

Listen: John Wayne Gacy Jr. / Specialize (f. Pete Rock & CL Smooth)


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