Chiddy Bang – The Preview

Chiddy’s back with The Preview.

After months of touring in both the U.S. and the UK, including their May 29th concert at Phillips Exeter Academy, Chiddy Bang is back with The Preview. The Preview is exactly what it claims to be, a preview to Chiddy’s debut album, The Swelly Life. It’s pretty solid. I’m kind of disappointed by the fact that Chiddy felt the need to include “Opposite of Adults“, “Truth”, “All Things Go” on the EP. If you’re gonna give a preview to your album, whats the point in including songs you made over a year ago that have already been featured on other mixtapes/EPs? That being said, the newer songs on the EP are pretty good. Nothing super special but solid nonetheless. If you’re a Chiddy fan, you’re gonna want to get this and hope it’ll keep you satisfied while we wait to experience The Swelly Life.

Buy: Chiddy Bang – The Preview


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