Now for some legit German Hip-Hop

Pop-infused, gangster, party tracks—it’s a vibrant scene.

Pretty much ultimate party song–you probably know it, or should.

Currently climbing the musik charts, a more pop inspired hit from Culcha Candela, a multicultural dancehall group with Ugandan, German, Polish, Columbia, and Korean members. Their songs Hamma and Move It are also good.

Another more upbeat pop-inspired song. Good for being hyper; the video is pretty boss too.

More gangsta, with samples from other well-known American rap songs, it’s fun to try to figure out all the stuff you know.

Another from Kool Savas.

Kollegah, a self proclaimed “pimp rapper” according to wikipedia. Also more gangsta; I think his voice sounds cool.

K.I.Z. The chorus is pretty boss…translated: I am hungry, I want to eat money.

More to come, but a decent introduction.


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Year: Senior. Position: Editor. Fav Artist: I'm in love with ODB. Advice: Write good articles with links, and look over the Exeter Rap Association Stylebook (coming soon) if you have any questions.
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