Hoodie Allen – May 14th

Get ready for ERA’s Spring Concert!

I am happy to announce that the headliner for this year’s ERA Spring Concert will be Hoodie Allen!

Hoodie gained popularity in the Hip-Hop world with his song, “You Are Not A Robot” (video below), which samples Marina & The Diamond’s “I Am Not a Robot”. A few months later, Hoodie dropped the mixtape, Pep Rally. Since then, Hoodie has been touring the country and making more solid music. Recently he was featured on Fortune Family’s mixtape, Paradox. Hoodie is a very talented lyricist and is known for sampling a lot of popular indie music. I encourage you all to download Pep Rally. Listen to it and get pumped.

Stay tuned for information in the coming weeks regarding the concert venue and Hoodie’s opening act.

UPDATE: Hoodie gives PEA a shoutout via Twitter


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3 Responses to Hoodie Allen – May 14th

  1. jack says:

    bagels and beats ep…. that old school hoodie

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