A New ERA (Artwork x Tracklist)

This isn’t just an album, it’s the start of A New ERA.

A few months ago, Angus Schaefer ’11 and I set out to create a hip-hop album for our senior projects. Making an album has been a goal for ERA since its founding last year. Luckily, creating a senior project gave us the opportunity to finally make our dreams a reality. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, A New ERA.

A New ERA is a purely Exonian album. Every beat, all of the singing, and all of the rapping on the project was done by an Exonian. For the last few months, we have been working with current students, alumni, and even faculty of Phillips Exeter Academy to create a masterpiece. The album runs over an hour and consists of 20 tracks, including Dammy Adeoti’s “We Alright”. The second single off the album “Dreaming”, also features Dammy who raps alongside Wesley Abram ’13. Dammy will be debuting the song at the Hoodie Allen concert. Shortly after, you can download the song here on the blog.

That being said, A New ERA isn’t just an album. It’s a testament to what can happen when Exonians are given the time and opportunity to do something they are passionate about. It is a beautiful example of the amazing talent Exonians possess outside of the classroom. Not only does it show outsiders what we are capable but it has also given students the opportunity to express themselves in ways unavailable to them in the past. The lack of a public recording studio on campus has prevented students from successfully exploring songwriting and composing. During the recording process of the album, students were given the chance to utilize professional recording equipment and software to produce some truly awesome tracks. I hope you will all enjoy listening to the album as much as Angus and I enjoyed making it.

You might be wondering when and how you can get a copy of the album. Be patient. For the next two weeks, starting tomorrow at the Hoodie Allen concert, we will be selling pre-orders for the album. The album will cost only $10. Quite a steal considering that all of the money made from selling CDs will go directly into the ERA club fund to ensure quality entertainment for the future. You can expect to receive a copy of the album some time during the last week of school.

Below is a slideshow chronicling the recording process. On the next page is the track list for the album.

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